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Why Download Rapidz?

RapidzPay is a decentralized payment gateway designed to make payments simple, fast, and hassle-free.
It represents the next generation of payment service with unrivalled security and efficiency:

Manage your
cryptocurrencies in one
place securely

Send and Receive

Pay for your purchases
without worrying about
transaction fees


Rapidz is changing the B2C and B2B payment landscape by providing a new and innovative system for digital payments that will also improve your margins. Our aim is to make online payments simple and efficient for both you and your customers.

Online Payments

By using our secure payment gateway, you are able to accept online payments from your customers and business partners across Asia and the globe.

Crypto Payments

Rapidz (RPZ) is an all-in-one solution that allows your customers to pay the way they want. Whether it's with a smartphone using QR codes, by email, over the web, or at the point of sale, Rapidz is a quick, private and secure way to send and receive payments in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Open your business to a whole new customer base across the world by accepting popular cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Recharge

Recharge your mobile phones with your cryptocurrencies


Our dedicated team builds cross-platform native apps that focus on providing the optimal experience for our users


The RapidzPay mobile application removes all the technical hassles so you can buy cryptocurrencies directly with fiat quickly and easily. The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to all the information and tools you need to make informed decisions in the crypto-market.

The Global Address Book eliminates address ambiguity by giving you a single username that links all your digital wallets. Usernames are stored on the blockchain making it quick and easy to find your friends' addresses and use them right away.


Being able to accept cryptocurrency will take your business to the next level, making it more versatile and customer friendly, and prepare it for the digital payment future.

Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or watch an immersive movie using your digital wallet today. Just head over to our merchants who accept RapidzPay for exciting promotions.