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Rapidz Wraps Up the Year with Exciting Collaborations: Clarets Coin and Rapidz own token RPZX

December 27, 2023, Singapore, — As we approach the year's end, as Team Rapidz, we're excited to share two thrilling collaborations. We proudly introduce the Clarets Coin initiative, a partnership with Burnley Football Club, and the enhanced usability of our Rapidz Token (RPZX) within the Reading FC ecosystem. These initiatives are designed to delight and engage our dedicated fan base, marking a memorable conclusion to the year.

Clarets Coin with Burnley Football Club

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Burnley Football Club, bringing an incredible opportunity to football enthusiasts through the Clarets Coin initiative. This initiative is a vibrant celebration of all things Premier League, offering fans the chance to secure an unforgettable trip to the thrilling Premier League Fan Fest in the USA.

The Premier League Fan Fest is a captivating and immersive experience that features iconic elements like the Premier League trophy, beloved club mascots, engaging family activities, special guest appearances, and so much more. Participating in this exciting endeavor is as simple as downloading the Rapidz Pay app from your preferred mobile app store and adding Clarets Coin to your wallet. By completing activations and scanning QR codes, fans can accumulate Clarets Coins, with each QR code worth 25 Clarets Coins and providing an entry into the coveted prize draw.

The prize draw includes an extraordinary reward—an all-expenses-paid trip for one lucky winner and a chosen companion to the Premier League Fan Fest. To enhance your chances of winning, engage in various activities such as spending £30 or more at the Clarets Store, making charitable donations of tinned food items to Burnley FC in the Community's Foodbank, attending upcoming community events (to be announced), and immersing yourself in the excitement of the Rapidz Fanzone.

It is important to note that Clarets Coin holds a non-tradable status. If you are interested in purchasing or using cryptocurrency through the Rapidz Pay app, you will undergo a comprehensive financial verification process and ID check to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Participation in this initiative is open to individuals aged 18 years or older. The prize draw represents a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the Premier League and create unforgettable memories for football fans.

Beat The Queue With Rapidz App

Furthermore, starting from the 16/12 game against Everton and for the remainder of the season, any Burnley fan who downloads and signs up for the Rapidz Pay App can take advantage of exclusive benefits at the Rapidz Fanzone. By proudly displaying the Burnley Insignia NFT at the designated Rapidz Fastlane, you can savor a generous 10% discount on drinks, courtesy of Rapidz. We are thrilled to offer this initiative to enhance your matchday experience and show our appreciation to our dedicated Burnley supporters.

Reading RPZX: Rewarding Loyal Fans

In addition to the Clarets Coin initiative, we are thrilled to introduce RPZX (Rapidz's very own token) into the Reading Football Club ecosystem. This exciting integration allows fans to earn RPZX tokens based on their participation in the match predictor.

For every 15 RPZX tokens earned, fans will have the delightful opportunity to redeem a well-deserved Christmas drink at the Fanzone Heineken Bar. This initiative serves as a token of our deep appreciation for the dedicated Reading FC community.

At Rapidz, we are unwavering in our commitment to creating innovative solutions that bridge the worlds of sports and blockchain technology, providing fans with unique and engaging experiences. We extend our best wishes to everyone, hoping for success in these thrilling initiatives as we continue to celebrate the seamless fusion of sports and blockchain technology.

About Rapidz

Rapidz is a leading blockchain technology company specializing in the development of innovative solutions for businesses looking to harness the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Rapidz focuses on bridging the gap between web 2.0 and web 3.0 industries, delivering cutting-edge solutions for a decentralized future.

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