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Rapidz Perspective: The Past and Present of Reading Football Club and Rapidz' Partnership (Part I)

This insightful look into the dynamic partnership between Reading Football Club and Rapidz is based on a recent X Spaces interview featuring key figures from both sides. Panagiotis Panos Pavlakis, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Rapidz, and Tim Kilpatrick, Head of Commercial at Reading Football Club, shared their perspectives on the past and present aspects of this partnership, shedding light on the significant developments that have taken place.

The interview provided a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the evolving collaboration between Reading Football Club, an English football league team founded in 1871, and Rapidz, a technology company specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. The partnership's history and current status were discussed in detail.

The discussion kicked off with a reflection on Reading Football Club's rich history, including its memorable moments in the Premier League and noteworthy achievements in the Football League Championship. Despite facing various challenges, the club has consistently maintained its passionate fan base and commitment to progress.

Panagiotis Panos Pavlakis and Tim Kilpatrick delved into the origins of the partnership, which began four years ago. During this time, Rapidz, with its expertise in blockchain and crypto technology, played a pivotal role in enhancing Reading Football Club's digital engagement initiatives. This period marked a crucial transition from traditional, non-digital fan engagement to a more digitally oriented approach.

One of the partnership's standout achievements discussed during the interview was the creation of "URZ Tokens." These tokens served as rewards for fans who actively engaged with Reading Football Club digitally, participating in activities like match predictions and other digital interactions related to the club. These tokens not only served as rewards but also introduced fans to blockchain and cryptocurrency in an enjoyable and secure manner.

While reflecting on the past and present, the interview also provided a glimpse into the future. Reading Football Club and Rapidz are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation in the football industry. The discussion hinted at the exploration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a potential avenue for engaging fans in unique and exciting ways.

Left - Xavier Yew (CEO & Founder of Rapidz), Middle - Tim Kilpatrick Head of Commercial at Reading Football Club, Right - Panagiotis (Panos) Pavlakis (Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships of Rapidz)

The partnership between Reading Football Club and Rapidz, as discussed in this interview, has brought about significant transformations in fan engagement. As both entities continue to evolve and embrace emerging technologies, football fans can look forward to a dynamic and engaging experience in their interactions with Reading Football Club.

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