what is RAPIDZ?

Bringing Global Payments to you with Ease and Efficiency

RAPIDZ is an international financial technology company, it provides a decentralized payment system which improves merchant profitability and customer convenience. Rapidz strives to make payments simple, fast, and hassle-free, while not compromising on security or efficiency. We call this the “RAPIDZ Ecosystem”.


  • Locate all nearby merchants that accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Easily purchase cryptocurrency with fiat using the RapidzPay mobile app.
  • Connect with and message friends and businesses through the mobile app.
  • Access all their cryptocurrency wallets on their app using a single account.

User can also utilize Rapidzpay APP to integrate their loyalty points into cryptocurrency


more RP integration coming.


Accepting cryptocurrency using RapidzMerchant APP provides merchants a simple way to gain competitive advantage. Rapidz users tend to be more affluent and tech-savvy, a valuable demographic for many businesses. Integrated location-based advertising also highlights nearby Rapidz merchants to consumers who are specifically looking for places that accept cryptocurrency.

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Lower operating cost
  • Increased sales
  • Global marketing
  • Promotions and intelligence

Mass adoption is coming

In the future, we construct Rapidz to become a network of decentralized nodes, through introducing Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus into the network (coming 2020). This second-layered tier shall act as a panel of governance within the decentralized blockchain network. The governance will participate in the commissioning of network or system upgrades, voting and approval of project budget and also validating all transactions taking place on the blockchain.

RPZX Tokenomics

POI + PoS / 5 Billion Total Token Supply

5 Billion Total Token Supply

Utility of RPZX advocates a true blockchian payment structure that encouranges both consumer and merchants to use RPZX (tokens) on a daily basis Rapidz will be the first cryptocurrency eocsystem to achieve a true 
POI (Proof of Interaction) &PoS (Proof of stake) mechanism. 
The mechanism of POI is based on the quality of recorded interactions between customers and merchants will be the system used for RPZX issuing with the use of social system of reputation and the real time voting for delegates. This in turn will further minimize infair practices while promoting efficient, fair, and transparent transactions.

  1. Rzon: Rzon (Rapidz Zone) grants RPZX token holders’ access to Rapidz e-commerce store.
  2. Stake Interest (PoS) Coming in 2020. This gives consumers stake interest by storing RPZX on RapidzPay APP (Instructions and Interest Rate will be announced soon)
Benefits for Merchants
  1. Advertisement: RPZX will be the only accepted payment method for merchants to pay for advertisement on their restaurant or service provider
  2. Data analytics: The merchants can get utilize big data analysis and get access to proprietary data that can help them make important marketing and sales decision.
  3. Staking interest (PoS) Coming in 2020: This gives merchant stake interest by storing RPZX on RAPIDZ merchant APP (Instructions and Interest Rate will be announced soon)
RPZX Tokenomics

Projected Use of Funds

With the funds raised in the RAPIDZ network, RAPIDZ will focus on improving its next version of the RAPIDZ Mobile Application as shown below, while also striving to build a World-Class Compliance Program within the RAPIDZ ecosystem.

Future for rapidz


  • RapidzPOS Testing, Rapidz Global Plan Launch (Taiwan, Thailand, Korea Japan, Hong Kong)

  • Launch of RapidzPOS, RapidzPay Mobile Recharge and Chat Messenger Feature).

  • Pass Regulations and Compliance in both Taiwan/Thailand; Ready to expand in Korea, Japan, HongKong soon

  • Upgraded RapidzPOS and RapidzPay App with promotions notification feature/Support 5 more cryptocurrencies (Ver.2)

  • RP (Rapidz Point) officially launch in Taiwan/Thailand

  • Upgraded RapidzPOS and RapidzPay App with promotions notification feature/Support 5 more cryptocurrencies (Ver.2)

  • Deploying True PoS Mainnet