The Most Well Known Cryptocurrencies in the US in 2023

At, a leading cryptocurrency payment processor, and crypto wallet for iOS and Android, we have observed the prominence of various cryptocurrencies in the United States. As of December 2022, Bitcoin remains the undisputed leader in terms of market capitalization and brand awareness, with 74 percent of online respondents in the U.S. recognizing it. Dogecoin follows, boasting a brand awareness of 42 percent among respondents. Ethereum and USD Coin are tied for third place, each being recognized by 38 percent of the online respondents.

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In our examination of brand awareness, we utilized the concept of aided brand recognition to survey respondents. This involved presenting both the logo and written brand name of each cryptocurrency to ensure accurate responses.

As a cryptocurrency payment processor, is committed to staying informed on the ever-evolving trends and preferences within the industry. By monitoring brand awareness and market developments, we can better serve our clients and provide the most seamless, secure, and efficient cryptocurrency payment processing solutions available.

Leading cryptocurrencies ranked by brand awareness in the United States in 2023Percentage of RespondentsNumber of Respondents
USD Coin38%473
Binance Coin32%398
Shiba Inu29%361
Binance USD27%336
During the survey, the question was phrased as follows: “Do you know this brand, even if only by name? If you know the brand, please swipe right. If you do not know the brand, swipe left.”
Statista Consumer Insights. (2023). Survey conducted by Statista. Published by Statista. Retrieved from Statista Brand Profiler.

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