RapidzPay Mobile Application

The RapidzPay mobile application enables users to easily and directly purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat by removing the technical hassles. The user-friendly interface provides the tools and information that will allow you to make make informed decisions in the crypto-market effortlessly.

The Global Address Book eliminates address ambiguity by giving you a single username that links all of your digital wallets.

RapidzPay usernames are stored on the blockchain making it quick and easy to find your friends' addresses and use them right away.

Mobile SDK & Web SDK

Our enhanced decentralized application (DAPP) software development kit (SDK) enables “non-blockchain developers” to create DAPPs using JavaScript. This allows them to extend functionalities for mobile and web applications without the need to run their own server. Functionalities included in the Enhanced DAPP SDK – UI rendering, in-app purchases, in-app subscriptions – will each have a counterpart within the Mobile SDK and Web SDK.


  • Mobile in-app revenue modelling

  • Mobile app marketplaces

  • Micropayments

  • Subscription model DAPPs

  • E-commerce websites

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is poised to change existing payment systems entirely.

Distributed ledger technology creates unalterable records which eliminate the possibility of security breaches and identity theft. The U.S. PCS systems process 600 million transactions, worth $12.6 trillion, every day. The increased take up of DLT systems is creating a secure, transparent and cost-effective alternative to conventional systems.