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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil an amazing collaboration between Burnley Football Club and Rapidz, marking a significant milestone for both entities.

In a transformative alliance set to span three years, our pioneering payment solution enterprise is set to revolutionize the realms of payment, blockchain, and digital finance. This strategic partnership propels the crypto ecosystem into the spotlight, captivating a wider audience with innovative experiences.

At the heart of this partnership lies the evolution of the Turf Moor facility into the all-new Rapidz FanZone, a testament to our commitment to immersive fan engagement. As the torchbearers of innovation, we take pride in ushering our cutting-edge branding both indoors and outdoors, setting the stage for an unparalleled matchday experience.

Our collaborative journey aims to empower fans with profound insights into the world of blockchain and digital finance. This endeavor is fortified by a series of activations that will unfold throughout the season, creating dynamic avenues for fans to participate and enrich their connection with the club.

Stuart Hunt, the visionary Director of Burnley FC, shared his enthusiasm: ““It’s great to team up with Rapidz and welcome another exciting company to our portfolio of partners.

We are always keen to bring new technology to our fans and drive a better experience for Clarets supporters. Teaming up with Rapidz offers us a fantastic opportunity to embrace innovation whilst putting fans at the heart of the partnership.

In addition to education on digital finance, the rebranded Rapidz FanZone, with indoor and outdoor screens, will be a real destination for fans to enjoy on a matchday.”

Panos Pavlakis, the trailblazing Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Rapidz, articulated the sentiment behind this historic partnership: "Being a Singapore-found fintech Company and having experienced first-hand the excitement and global reach of English football through previous sponsorships and other engagements, we are absolutely thrilled to establish this unique partnership with Burnley FC!

In this current full digitalized landscape where innovation and technological advancement are needed, it is very thrilling to forge this partnership with a like-minded and ambitious football club!

With Rapidz standing at the forefront of fintech innovation connecting sport fans and blockchain enthusiasts through our cutting-edge Web3 consumer App, we look forward to working closely with the Clarets to bring new, exciting, and engaging digital offerings to the fans!"

Together, Rapidz and Burnley FC embark on a groundbreaking voyage that amalgamates technology, fan engagement, and innovation. As we pave the way for a future defined by synergy and transformation, the world watches as this pioneering partnership reshapes the landscape of sports and technology.

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