Current existing issues with cryptocurrency

While cryptocurrency enthusiasts tend to envision a world dominated by decentralized, largely unregulated digital assets freely across borders, critics of the new technology believe it to be fueled almost exclusively by speculation. Even many supporters of the cryptocurrency trend are likely to agree with this assessment, as much of the investment in the space is based on the prospect for future success, rather than the current reality of usability and value. Not to mention recording the number of cryptocurrencies that lack a stable desktop or mobile wallet; source from at least 53% of them lack an iOS wallet, while the remainder lack an android and/or stable desktop wallet; as a result of many of them don’t even qualify as outright currencies for people to even receive or spend.

In fact, one-third of cryptocurrencies are currently unspendable, and this makes most of the token become only a speculative instrument besides their organ of utility. For crypto users eventually, they might want to do something with their cryptos; like moving them off an exchange, spend them, or gift them to friends and that’s where you start to run into problems. Statically, there is less than 0.1% of the world merchants whom are accepting crypto as payment, and this leaves us a question, “Are crypto still spendable”?


RAPIDZ is a global decentralized payment solution company, which aims to make payment simple, fast, and hassle-free, while not compromising security and efficiency. It has enabled merchants worldwide to receive crypto payments, while making the process of utilizing cryptocurrency easy for users everywhere. RAPIDZ also re-imagines the payment experience and propels the crypto ecosystem to a broader audience. The innovative payments company boasts acceptance at over 1000+ merchants including Major Group in Thailand (Cineplex, McDonalds etc.) and strong focus in South East Asia (Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam) The company offers merchants a full suite traditional POS system and EPOS merchant wallet with real time local currency settlements and offers app users payment and remittance at the lowest rates and effortlessly by making crypto as easy to send as an email.

Throughout 2018, number of crypto holders in South East Asia, has more than tripled its user base from 1.5 million to more than 5 million users, and adding users during bear market. For RAPIDZ, one of the key reasons why we have consistently strived and focused on promoting crypto payment adoption in South East Asia is that we believe tourism is one of the contributors to the economics of the world, and South East Asia alone, hots approximately one hundred and thirty million visitors every year (Second the most). To consider the mammoth size of industry and leveraging this trend to advance the crypto adoption, crypto tourism shapes a new and innovative take on travel. More importantly, RAPIDZ, we also believe blockchain/cryptocurrency will solve low banking penetration for the unbanked population in South East Asia; which will empower more people to have financial services.

Initial Wallet Offering (IWO)

To bring crypto payment to mass adoption for most of the cryptocurrencies, RAPIDZ, we believe Initial Wallet Offering (IWO) will enable and help more cryptocurrencies to our payment ecosystem which solves the biggest unspendable issue for most of the cryptocurrencies

To solve existing issues with lack of exposure and unspendable problem for most of the cryptocurrencies;

RAPDIZ Ecosystem Will Provide:

  • 1

    RapidzPay Digital Wallet brings game-changing exposure to your token (Major Group Thailand)

  • 2

    Listed token’s will be displayed and marketed throughout the RAPIDZ ecosystem to gain South East Asia and Global exposure (Social Media/PR Conferences: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam)

  • 3

    Top up any mobile across 170 countries and over 900 operators globally; users can refill instantly, anywhere, anytime with Your token. 

  • 4

    Your community and RapidzPay users can buy Gift Cards with Your token for 750+  supported services in 170+ countries.

  • 5

    Listed token will be added into RAPIDZ EPOS; Merchant Back-End System and other related product in RAPIDZ ecosystem (Local Merchant Adoption in South East Asia)

  • 6

    Listed token will be able to transfer value to Grab credit to enjoy Grab ecosystem; GrabPay, foods and rides, also leverage Lazada’s voucher benefit (Singapore and Malaysia soon)

*To apply for IWO, download and complete the the excel form and send it to [email protected]