One App, Endless Solutions

RapidzPay converges the functionality and advantages of blockchain technology with mobile applications and POS systems. RapidzPay can be utilized through POS systems, as well as through mobile apps for iOS and Android – making purchases quick and easy.

RapidzPay's infrastructure covers three payment platforms:

  • Web Applications: Enabling you to access and manage your wallet anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile Applications: Both iOS and Android users can transact anonymously to maintain total privacy and security over their money.

  • Point of Sale Systems: Simplifying retail purchases by enabling seamless transitions between payment platforms.

  • Online Payments

    RapidzPay is a secure payment system that provides a gateway for transactions across digital platforms and businesses. Blockchain and smart contract technology empowers users to make fast and secure transactions. The platform will help you build your local client base by connecting with potential customers in your vicinity as well as expanding the reach of your business to new markets.

    The functionality that RapidzPay provides for your payment systems will allow you to generate revenue from customers all around the world. The RapidzPay online payment system creates a one-stop-shop with all features you need; including transaction management, log reporting and online invoicing. RapidzPay™ moves obsolete paper-based invoicing and payment collection into the digital world, improving your cash-flow and simplifying B2B collection.

    Crypto Payments

    Cryptographic payments are shown on a blockchain explorer that enables you to manage the transparency of your transactions. This allows you to accept and make payments to your acquaintances and enhance your business operations without paying the price of losing your privacy. RapidzPay is an all-in-one solution that empowers you to manage your payments with ease and efficiency.

    RapidzPay streamlines day-to-day transactions with a QR-code payment system. Allowing transactions to take place without sharing personal information like mobile numbers or email addresses.

    Mobile Recharge

    Running low on your mobile phone balance? Recharge your mobile credit anywhere instantly on our secure RapidzPay platform.

    Supported Verticals

    ICO Subscriptions

    Upcoming ICOs can utilise RapidzPay’s platform to host, execute and publicise their public crowdfunding and business operations. RapidzPay is capable of generating wallets to hold a variety of cryptocurrencies, facilitating trading and exchange of crypto assets between users.


    Philanthropic and non-profit organisations can use the service-oriented platform on RapidzPay to raise awareness and collect funds from individuals or organisations looking to contribute to their causes without divulging their own particulars or information to achieve a common goal of public benefit.


    Be it to a lifelong dream vacation or to a nearby short getaway, RapidzPay offers a wide range of travel and vacation packages that will satisfy what you’re looking for. Enjoy exclusive promotions and packages with our travel partners on our platform.

    Shopping & Entertainment

    Enhance your shopping experience with RapidzPay. No more shortage of cash or forgetting to bring your cards. Pay using your wide array of crypto assets without having to first convert it into fiat currencies. Enjoy discounts exclusive to RapidzPay users on top of existing promotional activities. Make bookings and reservations with your favourite outlets through our RapidzPay platform.


    Make your hotel reservations with RapidzPay from anywhere across the globe. No need to fret about deposits or payments in the local currency. Enjoy free breakfasts or free upgrade to your existing hotel bookings. Recurring RapidzPay users can receive cash vouchers on their next booking or with selected participating partners.