Our Customized Solution

Rapidz’s payment gateway engine becomes a friendly solution for any kinds
of business. With flexibility and adjustability as a top priority, Rapidz can be
become backbone and address each business’s specific needs and

Rapidz empowers your crypto business

Customised solutions through our advanced payment system allows you to provide
financial services to all customers that own digital assets.

Credibility and trust in your business

Highest standard of compliance

Seamless transaction and smooth onboarding

High security with full control for end users

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Customization from us becomes even friendlier

Even in the niche market of crypto, every product is unique. We offer a
highly customizable white-label banking solution that can be tailored to the
needs of any business.

Advanced gateway API

Integrate our APIs, allows future partners to easily interact with Rapidz Wallet / Payment ecosystem. Smoothly and seamlessly

Full customized integration

Maximize your revenue and focus on what really matters by getting everything you need to launch crypto payment on your platform.

Our Partners

Partners can utilize the Rapidz ecosystem and explore one of the greatest cryptocurrency markets, South East Asia.