Rapidz is the silver bullet that will kill old transaction models that lack security, reliability and viability. Our services provide effortless B2B and B2C transactions using a platform that thrives on simplicity efficiency and a user-oriented approach. Our vision is to grow together with our client base by incentivizing word-of-mouth promotion – the most effective form of advertising. So when we grow, everyone benefits. Our overriding goal is to provide our customers with the most effective payment solution for their business. Achieving this goal means giving our users a fully-customized payment solution that saves them time and money.

Rapidz was founded in 2017 with the objective of delivering a decentralized payment system that would strengthen business models across all industries. We are determined to provide flexible payment solutions, that will not only align with users' needs, but also reward them for their loyalty and support. Rapidz users are incentivized and rewarded for promoting the platform among their peers. Our line of products is designed to expand the payment functionality of your business and help you make the most of the new opportunities this will create.

Our decentralized model gives your business an edge over the competition by providing a reliable, scalable transaction model that is custom fit to your specific requirements. Smart contracts play a crucial role in validating your payments by ensuring every transaction over the platform is recorded precisely and accurately. Decentralizing payment infrastructure also drastically cuts down the cost of using intermediaries, resulting in a better price for you and your clients.

We believe every merchant should have access to the growing $115 Billion in cryptocurrency that consumers are searching for ways to spend. RapidzPay is that portal for the next generation of consumers and smart merchants.


Eddie Trent

President & Founder

A cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013, Eddie was inspired by the possibilities and immense potential that blockchain technology can bring to our society and economy. Eddie foresees a world without borders. A world without currency exchange hassles.

Panos Pavlakis

Senior Vice President

With a wealth of experience and successful careers in various companies such as Bloomberg and the Sunwah Kingsway Capital Ltd, Panos Pavlakis is a highly sought after board member, due to his keen business acumen and his successful track record of multiple IPO projects and ability to manage billion-dollars private placements.

Kozen Tan

Business Director

Kozen has more than 16 years of international financial services and investment experience, and couple with business marketing and management experience and had headed up several investment departments in the past. He has served as the Chief Investment Consultant with Asia Capital, Former Vice President in RHB OSK Asset Management Corporation (RHB Investment Bank), former Director in Sustainable Asset Management, former Assistant Vice President in ABN Amro Bank, former Relationship Manager in Citibank, and UOB Bank. He graduated with an Executive Master in Finance from Baruch College of The City University of New York, USA.

Yukako Furusawa

Marketing Director (Japan & Malaysia)

Yukako has over 10 years of experience in marketing, developing communication strategies and customer satisfactions. She has high solution offer skills. Yukako will spearhead the Japan market to provide future payment solutions through RapidzPay.

Dr. Wisara Chokedeetaweeanan

Business Director (Thai)

Dr. Chokedeetaweeanan is a well-respected and experienced entrepreneur with a sharp business acumen for new and promising business ventures. He also possesses valuable knowledge and understanding of the business environment in Thailand. Through his rich network of business associates and partners, Dr Chokedeetaweeanan is confident of successfully implementing RapidzPay as the revolutionary way of payment and be the leader in Thailand cashless society.

Brenda Wen

Director (Taiwan)

Brenda has been a fan of cryptocurrency and has over 10 years of experience in large-scale chain distributor and high-asset financial services, accumulating abundant channel partners and high-value customers in the region. Brenda is confident in integrating access resources and Rapidz business solutions to provide a more complete service experience for Taiwanese users.

Pinky Sharma

Business Director ( Thai )

Pinky Sharma is an IT professional and enthusiast Fintech entrepreneur with having 10 years of vast experience in the field of Fintech & unique tech initiatives. She has led teams proficiently in IT Sales & Marketing across the serving domains like BFSI, NBFC, Retail, Media, Oil & Gas, and help startups for self-growth.

Paul Wei

Sales Director (Taiwan)

Paul is a professional manager who specializes in innovation integration. He has accumulated more than 10 years of marketing experience in FMCG, news media and e-commerce. Paul also participated in many international companies such as Coca Cola, Miller Beer, Genius in Taiwan, North America and South America respectively. Paul is confident to combine the rich marketing experience of the past to help expand Rapidz's marketing in Taiwan.

Harold Kim

HSBitC Founder & CEO – Advisor

Harold Kim is the founder and CEO of Korea based blockchain platform HSBitC. He brings his experience with global banking to cryptocurrency industry and is now renowned globally with 50+ blockchain partners. His partners amassed total of US$1,000,000,000 in ICO funding.

Jean Y. Foo


Jean Y. Foo is an award-winning education influencer and speaker specializing in education business, leadership and management in both the private, public and international school systems. Jean is one and few of the most active women in the global speaking circuit presenting on future skills, innovative education, financial technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency and human development. Her presentations in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America include "A History of Global Currency Systems – Why Monetary Systems Change", "Why Cryptocurrency Matters", "Centralized and Decentralized Currencies", "Types of Online Wallets", "Limitations of General Cryptocurrencies", "Explosive Growth of Cryptocurrency", "Introduction to Blockchain Technology", "Smart Crypto Mobility and Liquidity" and "Global Banking Innovation". 

Edward Chua

Business Development Director (Greater China)

Edward Chua is a visionary social entrepreneur with vast regional experience in the field of cryptocurrency, e-commerce and financial services. His expertise and experience has helped many renowned organisations and new startups alike to establish and expand theirs overseas ventures successfully. Edward’s philosophy of “Paying Forward” has seen him participate actively in numerous fund raising events for the under privileged. Edward is well liked and respected within the business community by peers and business associates.

Benson Chen

Business Development Director

An angel investor from Singapore with Midas touch. Benson has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency investments and developments since early 2013, he made a name for himself in the industry. With a successful track record negotiating and managing complex, solution sales with top tier financial institutions, we are confident Benson will be the man to bring us to new heights in our Asia Pacific expansion.


Operations Director

Shane possesses an unique corporate mindset. He embraces diversity, personal development and networking while actively seeking fresh opportunity for expansion and market penetration. He manages a number of high value accounts with induces partnership loyalty through both development of long term commercial strategy client relationships and acting as subject matter expert across business development.

Sam Ye

Business Director

Sam Ye new age marketing strategies had seen him enjoy continued success in his previous marketing roles from major firms across Asia Pacific. With an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior across the region, Sam is an invaluable asset to RapidzPay ambitious plans.

Joe Lee

Business Manager

Joe is a very self-motivated professional working closely with his organization to develop strategic planning, vision processes and marketing operations. His strengths in problem solving, his proactive approach to providing solutions and ideas, and his ability to communicate have made him a valuable contributor to our team.

Don Wong

Business Manager

Having been in both the Financial and Technology industry, Don brings synergy to the team through his unique experiences. He is highly optimistic about the financial democratization brought forth by the crypto industry. A strong problem solver, Don transforms feedback from clients into concrete plans to make our products and services better than ever.

Thannicha Srisomboon (Sindy)

Marketing Manager (Thailand)

Sindy has over four years of experience working as a professional trilingual emcee. Throughout her career, she hosted numerous formal events and helped companies to scale in sales expansion by promoting their emerging products. Sindy is eloquent in public speaking and possess great networking skill. She seeks to bring in potential partnerships and expansion by introducing RapidzPay and bring modern finance to the new ecosystem.

Prashant Surana

Senior System Engineer

Prashant is the lead developer of our RapidzPay QT wallet, and part of the Core developer team. Prashant is the definition of a tech geek. He has a penchant for software architecture, distributed and embedded systems and functional languages.

Anthony Lee

System Engineer

With a double degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, Anthony has been a crypto enthusiast since 2015 and have been central to the Rapidz mobile wallet developments and payment gateway solutions. With 2 years of experience at global giant Shopify payment clearance, Anthony brings on board the know-how.

Han-Ulrich Huber

Full Stack Developer

With 10 years of experience at Facebook as a leading Full Stack Developer, Han-Ulrich bring a plethora of experience and organization to the development team. With deep understanding of the needs of company, business logic, user experience, data modelling, and networking environment, Han-Ulrich will be the key to drive the RapidzPay project.

Dominik Muller

Front End Developer

Dominik is a Front End Developer with RapidzPay in the day, and a mini game programmer by the night. An avid and immensely talented programmer, Dominik has brought his years of programming skills and experience to us, polished from his time with Line in-app mini games development team.

Rafael Schmidt

Payments Network Architect

With over a decade of payment solutions experience with Paynova, Rafael aims to, with RapidzPay eclipse and eventually outdo the industry famous 21 payment options offered by Paynova. With huge funding and a tight deadline, Rafael is the man to deliver.

Nathaniel Huang

Technical Specialist

Nathaniel derives comprehensive experience of security functions, network and software protocols with over 5 years of experience at Cisco as technical specialist. He was with a crypto exchange as senior system engineer for 3 years before being headhunted over to RapidzPay.